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Louise Hide; In Plain Sight: This article investigates the consequences of unlocking psychiatric wards and allowing male and female patients and staff to mix freely in the post-war period. While male nurses did complain about mixed wards in the mid s, it was not until the rise of feminism and patient activism that the extent of sexual abuse and violence in hospitals began to be revealed a decade later. By the s, despite calls to return to segregated living, psychiatric hospitals were no longer able to fund single-sex wards, exposing many women to sexual danger and deterring them from seeking help as in-patients. In , the mental health charity MIND published a policy paper titled Stress on Women , which was part of a nationwide campaign to end sexual harassment and abuse in mental health settings. Several initiatives had been militating against them in both general and psychiatric hospitals since the late s, only 20 years after the practice had begun.
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I worked in a mental health group home for several years. There were low to medium functioning schizophrenics. We usually had ten clients in. In psychiatric hospitals, sexual activity between patients raises special of any joint sexual activities while in hospital (foreplay, mutual masturbation, oral sex.
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The first time I was admitted to the psych ward, I was I was still a minor, so I had the benefit of boarding with the youth in the juvenile behavioral unit in the local hospital. The tell-tale behaviors of mania and depression were present in me, leading up to the admission. I simply had a sense of my life being cut short—a symptom of manic paranoia—which the hospital interpreted as a threat of harm to myself or others.
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    The subject of patients being treated on mixed-sex wards has been in the news again , with health secretary Alan Johnson making a renewed promise to eradicate them.

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    In psychiatric hospitals, sexual activity between patients raises special difficulties regarding consent.

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    A Cuyahoga County court case involving a patient who had multiple sex partners at a psychiatric hospital highlights what one lawyer called "one of the most threatening issues" facing mental health officials.

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