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For the record, it was not the military academy, the one located over the Hudson River outside New York City, but it was a military academy. As this is a work of fiction, it matters not which one it was, but if there are other graduates of this institution, they might recognize the location based on some of the incidents. Not trouble with my studies which were going well, nor trouble settling in and making friends. My trouble was purely financial, I was spending money on textbooks and food at a rate that could not continue for long, I had to get a part time job I was speaking to a gay friend, Mark about the possibility of getting a barman's job but he wasn't hopeful. I knew I was horny, though, and decided to go check out that theater on Kings Highway that everyone is always talking about. I procrastinated for a while, doing some shit around the house, and finally got there around 3 PM. I thought the place would have been quiet on a Wednesday afternoon, but I guess a lot of people took the day off from work or something, because it was pretty crowded.
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Free Original Erotic Stories. tag Gay MaleGay for "Gay sex." Kelly said. "Gonna pick up another girl huh? Sounds good to me." John said. "Well I'm not gay so to get me to be gay for pay you're going to have to pay quite a bit. You're lucky I. Wannabe model submits to bratty twins torment for cocaine. Chris is asked to do a live performance. Aftermath birth of a Gay For Pay cocksucking stud! and.
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I've got to finish this. John popped up from the desk, hurried over to where Kelly was standing, and kissed her.

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