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Any of these sound familiar? The above are all what I call invisible sticking points. This may be surprising, but invisible sticking points are more common than any other sticking point. When I first learned about the game, I avoided actually approaching women because I knew if I did, it would be awkward and I would mostly just get rejected. To protect itself from harm, my ego convinced me that I needed to learn more about social dynamics before starting to approach women.
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A new study shows that a poor, dangerous environment makes bad boy, masculine men attractive. Is this why Denise Richards is dating Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, another in a long slew of bad boys? The rougher the environment, the researchers found, the more women prefer. The Surprising Reason Women Prefer Men With Tattoos As Sex Partners health and also being more aggressive, dominant and masculine.
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Some men will do anything to get an edge when it comes to their bodies — even, apparently, drinking human breast milk. But unfortunately for these manly men, this latest trend in the masculinity market may not be all that some people believe it's cracked up to be. Ostensibly, these men are looking for the new, all-natural Red Bull.

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Image via Flickr user linda. In recent years, though, science has told us that our seemingly arbitrary tastes often reflect unconscious choices that are based upon very relevant biological traits. Despite all this research into our visual appearances, though, scientists have done relatively little digging into our auditory preferences when it comes to sexual attraction.
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