How love changes people inside out

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What if I told you your beliefs set the foundation for what you'll create in relationships? There was a time when I didn't know this, and the state of my relationships was proof that I was in the dark. I used to struggle in romantic relationships — trying to get my needs met, trying not to get hurt! But the same patterns kept happening over and over again. No matter what, I'd end up feeling disempowered and disheartened, like I could never get the love I wanted. This experience went on for years, until finally, during a particularly difficult time in my life, I had an insight about why my relationships weren't working.
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Every single area of my life has changed from me making the decision to learn to love myself from the inside out — and without one. Change what's happening inside of you, and your outside People treat you the way you treat yourself, and the way you expect to be treated.
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Having everything and not having the essentials. Love gives fullness to time. Keep alive moments that are gone.
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W hy are we so scared to love? Or is it something else? Love will change you. That is the truth. It will reshape you from the inside out, challenge all you believed about the world and make you reconsider what truly matters. When you love someone , at first this is unconscious.
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